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Divorce Capital Planning is a recognized leader specializing in divorce financial consulting services. We assist attorneys and their clients with all resolution options, including litigation, mediation, and collaborative practice.

Our practice focuses on high asset dissolution cases involving complex financial issues such as the division of stock options, venture capital and hedge fund investments, and business and real estate interests. Working in concert with our team will enable you to negotiate the most advantageous settlement and resolve your client’s divorce proceedings more effectively.

Divorce Capital Planning provides a variety of services, including:

Data Gathering & Form Preparation

Our team of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts works with your client to identify and collect all pertinent financial data. Then, we conduct a complete assessment and in-depth analysis of all the marital assets and liabilities, including personal finances, retirement plans and pension benefits, investments, business holdings, stock options and more. Beyond that, we prepare the Schedule of Assets and Debts and Income and Expense Declarations, ensuring that you are able to accurately determine, and defend, your position regarding the parties’ marital standard of living.

Managing Client Expectations

Financial handholding is our forte. We manage client expectations and facilitate effective decision-making by educating them on the financial reality of their situation. By providing financial clarity and addressing their concerns, our aim is to enable them to make unemotional decisions at an emotional time.

Litigation Support & Settlement Negotiations

As part of your divorce team, our role is to provide guidance, education, support, and analysis on complex financial issues. Our professionals conduct a thorough analysis and prepare detailed reports that quantify your client’s financial position. We provide powerful financial data to support your case, giving you the ammunition you need to negotiate the most advantageous settlement for your clients. Our analysis encompasses all financial aspects that surface in divorce. Specifically, we model contentious and highly-contested areas such as equalization payments, spousal support scenarios, and alimony buyouts. Our professionals are available to serve as expert witnesses to support and justify our analysis.

We collaborate with you and your client to formulate creative options to complicated settlement issues. By educating your clients on the financial issues and tax considerations, we give them the confidence and peace of mind that they need to make informed decisions so that they may move forward.

Stock Option Analysis

Equity-based compensation can represent a significant portion of a family’s wealth, particularly if your client or their spouse is a highly compensated executive. These compensation packages are highly complex and mistakes can be extremely costly. Therefore, it is essential to understand the nuances involved in the valuation, transfer, and liquidation of stock options in order to negotiate an equitable settlement.

We guide you and your client through the pitfalls and blind spots when negotiating a settlement that includes executive compensation. There are a number of factors to consider, including the types of stock options involved, grant strike price, transaction costs, expiration dates, and tax effects. We offer detailed analytical and modeling tools with regards to stock options, restricted stock, and stock appreciation rights.

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