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For Individuals

Divorce Capital Planning provides a variety of services to support you and your attorney, including:

Gathering Your Information

With all the tedious financial tasks and details, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Developing accurate and complete information about your financial situation is absolutely critical to negotiating an equitable settlement. We work with you to identify and collect the financial data pertinent to the dissolution of your marriage. Then, we conduct a complete assessment and in-depth analysis of all your marital assets and liabilities – including personal finances, retirement plans and pension benefits, investments, business holdings, stock options and more.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis

Budgeting and cash flow analysis are the pillars that create a solid foundation for financial stability. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your post-divorce lifestyle, including cash flow and net worth projections that incorporate all potential income streams.

Analysis of Settlement Options

Dividing assets is not as simple as dividing everything by two. Because all assets are not equal, it is essential that you understand the financial issues and tax considerations of proposed settlements. We help you think through critical issues and explore the pros and cons of all your options. Our analysis will give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Risk Management & Asset Protection

As circumstances change, so do your needs. We conduct a comprehensive review to ensure your existing insurance coverage is cost-effective and structured properly to meet your new objectives.

We assist you in obtaining guaranteed security to protect against the potential loss of spousal and child support due to the unforeseen death or disability of your ex-spouse. We also help with the administrative issues that often accompany changing family dynamics, such as changing beneficiary designations.

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

It is critical to reevaluate and modify your estate plan to ensure it reflects your post-divorce wishes. Areas to consider include trusts, change of beneficiary, advanced directives, power of attorney and more.

Estate taxes can quickly erode the wealth you have worked all your life to create. Working in concert with tax and legal advisors, we develop strategies to properly structure and effectively transfer wealth to your heirs and the charities you wish to support.

Stock Option Analysis

Equity-based compensation can represent a significant portion of a family’s wealth, particularly if your spouse is a highly compensated executive. These compensation packages can be complex and mistakes can be extremely costly. Therefore, it is essential to understand the nuances involved in the valuation, transfer, and liquidation of stock options.

At Divorce Capital Planning, we help you see the big picture and guide you through the pitfalls and blind spots when negotiating a settlement that includes executive equity compensation. There are a number of factors to consider, including the types of stock options involved, grant strike price, transaction costs, expiration dates, and tax effects. We offer detailed analytical tools and advanced planning strategies with regards to stock options, restricted stock, and stock appreciation rights.

Wealth Management

Our sister company, Capital Planning Partners, offers comprehensive investment advisory and wealth management services to assist you as you move on to the next phase of your life:

  • Investment portfolio management
  • Stock option planning
  • Estate & wealth transfer strategies
  • Life insurance planning
  • Executive compensation
  • Business succession & exit planning

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