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Divorce is never easy. At Divorce Capital Planning, we’re here to help. Meet a few of our clients, hear their stories, and learn more about what we can do for you.

“Having Jason Crowley involved in my case was a terrific decision.  Without his help, I don’t think I would have gotten what I was entitled to.  He is a true professional with a great demeanor in treating his clients with respect and consideration.  I believe he truly understands how emotional this process is and goes the extra mile to be considerate yet also honest about the potential outcomes. In divorce cases, you never get 100% what you want.  But Jason was really great in giving me different scenarios and guiding me to make the smartest financial decisions given my situation.”

– C.B., San Jose, CA

“Jason, I think we would still be stuck at square one without your help. You have been a great Sherpa, guiding us up the highest most treacherous, and torturous of paths. We could not have done this on our own. Thanks!”

– E.C., San Jose, CA

“My divorce situation was not only difficult, but complicated. We owned several properties and my now ex-spouse was an executive. There were stock options, restricted shares, retirement and investment accounts to consider. On top of that my ex-spouse did not really think I deserved anything, and was very difficult. I worked closely with Jason at DCP who developed some very complex scenarios working in conjunction with my attorney. I truly feel that Jason’s great work put an end to our negotiations and expedited the divorce process. Jason was very knowledgeable and professional, and if it wasn’t for his expertise, I would still be negotiating, or would have walked away with a lot less. I will be forever grateful for his help and graciousness.”

– H.B., Newport Beach, CA 

“Jason and team are amazing! They worked tirelessly for me, dealing with loads of  data involving convoluted stock purchase plans and a myriad of different financial instruments. They simplified it all and were always willing to offer creative, smart solutions to problems either my ex or I had. But the thing I appreciate most about Jason is he will give you his honest, educated opinion on things. I trust him and give DCP my highest recommendation.”

– D.O., Saratoga, CA

“Dear Jason,  I want to thank you for not only the extremely competent way in which you laid out our complex finances and gave us the most detailed look at what is actually going on now and into the future that we have ever had. It was critical and very helpful as we continue on this difficult trajectory into the future. I also want to tell you how much I appreciate your personal compassion. You understood and were sensitive and accommodating to my anxiety over this whole discussion of separation. So, thank you again.”

– R.E., Emerald Hills, CA 

“DCP is the best thing that came out of my divorce. The financial education and guidance I received was invaluable.  Coping with the divorce overall was overwhelming, but I was grateful there was a resource I could turn to when it came to my financial situation.  Jason helped eased the fears I had about some decisions I had to make. He is genuine and “true” to my financial situation with his advice and his customer service is outstanding.  He explained everything very clearly, answering all my questions in a manner I understood.  He is very thorough about his observations of my concerns, needs and options. It felt good to have someone I could trust and help me prepare paperwork for the interaction with my attorney.  This in turn made my communication more efficient and saved time and money.  Jason also provided assistance or gave referrals for everything I needed to keep my financial life in check. And the best part is after the divorce process, DCP provides you with a detailed financial plan for current and future needs to help you start over again on the right track.”

– A.H., Menlo Park, CA 

“I was stuck in a bad marriage for way too long; paralyzed by my fear of an unknown financial future. I hadn’t worked or balanced a budget in years. I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Jason at DCP (his incredible yelp reviews were spot on). He helped me comb thru my finances and organize, and somehow made it seem way less scary and overwhelming.  DCP was my first and BEST investment.  I now have the courage and knowledge I need to be fine…better than fine. DCP was my ultimate step toward freedom; and I thank them from the bottom of my heart… and bank account 🙂 ”

– S.L., Palo Alto, CA

“I am so glad I engaged DCP to help me with the financial portion of my divorce settlement.  I went to Jason with very specific goals in mind.  I was looking for a professional to look at my community property and come up with a financial proposal to split our assets & debt in a fair, efficient and timely manner as well as provide me with a post-divorce financial plan.  Jason absolutely met my expectations.  His collaborative process provided me with multiple scenarios to negotiate my settlement with my ex.  In addition, his analysis and proposal allowed us to stay out of court and save a lot of time and money on wasted legal fees.  He also delivered a financial plan and budget to help me prepare for life after divorce.  He is knowledgeable, responsive and very personable.  I would highly recommend Jason to anyone needing help navigating the financial aspects of a divorce.”

– L.T., Redwood City, CA 

“Working with DCP made a seemingly unworkable situation much easier and achievable. Jason was competent, efficient, and professional in helping us sort through our finances to get an accurate overview of our present situation as well as projections for the future. This clear financial snapshot is invaluable. He was able to work with us to come up with a creative and effective solution that will allow us to best handle and maintain two households during a transitional period.

I appreciate his interactive and brainstorming approach which made us aware of options that we were otherwise not aware of. This approach ensured that all of our concerns were addressed and enabled us to reach a mutually satisfying agreement. I truly appreciate his patience in answering my numerous “after the fact” questions. Jason is extremely personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with any aspect of financial planning or coming up with a fair financial agreement.”

– J.A., San Jose, CA

“Jason is fantastic and a pleasure to work with.  He is diligent, prompt, patient, and extremely knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him!”

– S.M., San Jose, CA

“Jason, I wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with you and how pleased I am that I came across Divorce Capital Planning. Although I am not very far along in the process, I feel I have already gained considerably from your professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to share information and resources.

When I first started working with you, my initial goal was to get help planning various scenarios to understand what I needed to live on following divorce, and what my budget might end up looking like. I’m now convinced that in going through this process I am better equipped not just to envision what life will look like post-divorce, but also to know what I can negotiate for as part of the settlement, including possibilities I – or a lawyer – may have overlooked. This gives me considerable peace of mind, which is not something typically associated with divorce proceedings.

I’m also very grateful for how readily you have shared your knowledge of the divorce process, and your suggestions for divorce lawyers it would be good to work with. I think I have found my lawyer, through your recommendation. I really appreciate the good humor you bring as well, helping to lighten a time of life that is not easy by any means. I would wholeheartedly recommend others to you and Divorce Capital Planning if they are looking for courteous, thorough and pragmatic advice on such a critical part of the divorce process.
With thanks,”

– V.S., Portola Valley, CA

“Thank you, so much, Jason.

Your understanding, patience, and kindness are supporting me as I attempt to move forward after so many years of “being stuck”. Your input helps me to stay hopeful and positive, and without it, I can only imagine how much more fearful and stressed-out I’d be. Thanks for being a sort of temporary-life-line to my understanding the $&Cents pieces of my life–I’d otherwise feel lost!”

– M.P., San Jose, CA

“I am so happy to have the support of DCP on my side as I embark on such an important step in my life.”

– N.D., Los Gatos, CA

These testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee or warranty regarding the outcome of your financial settlement.

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